Drawings //

The Poetics of Space, 2011. Read more... First Thoughts (Un-thought drawings), 2010. Read more... Untitled Mind/Space (Version 3), 2001.  
Miscellaneous Plans, 2001. Read more... Untitled Mind/Space (Version 2), 2000.    

Public Art and Commissions //

public light projection artwork public light projection artwork public light projection artwork artwork for public transport platform artwork for tram stop poster box    
Seismic Shift, Art in the Time of COVID-19 commission, Nillumbik Shire Council, Vic, 2020. Read more... Change in Condition: Part 1, Light Windows Project, HoloCentre New York, 2020. Read more... Ecology code, Digital Agora Project, Eltham, 2019. Read more... Platform, Royal Women's Hospital Busways Platform Project, 2011-2012. Read more... Tram Stop 21 Project, Moreland City Council, 2008. Read more...    

Light Work & Installations //

Responsive Light Drawing (Prototype 1), 2007. Read more... Untitled Drawing in Space, (2001-2002). Read more...