/ Light Windows, Holocenter New York with Centre of Projection Art, VIC (2020)


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Change in Condition: Part 1 is a new work in development that uses drawing, animation and projection to experiment with the interpretation and translation of sound data and drawings derived from the physical investigation of the site (Collingwood Yards) prior to COVID-19.

Title: Change in Condition: Part 1
Year: 2020
Size: Projected window dimensions (H) 3m x (L) 2.6m approx
Medium: Projection, hand-drawn animation
Exhibition: Centre for Projection Art presents six installations for LIGHT WINDOWS, a world-wide project produced by HoloCenter, New York encouraging artists to display light art in the windows of homes and venues around the world and share a message of unity and hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented in partnership with HoloCentre; International Day Of Light; City of Yarra; and Collingwood Yards.