/ Light Windows, Holocenter New York with Centre for Projection Art, VIC (2020)


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Change in Condition: Part 1 is a new work in development that uses drawing, animation and projection to experiment with the interpretation and translation of sound data and drawings derived from the physical investigation of Collingwood Yards - the site of my Artist Residency with Centre for Projection Art.

The work was presented with Artists from Centre for Projection Art’s inaugural artist-in-residence program - illuminating six windows of the Johnston Street building at Collingwood Yards in celebration of International Day of Light on May 16, 2020, during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Light Windows was a global project by HoloCenter New York. Visit the LIGHT WINDOWS interactive map by HoloCenter New York to see more.

Title: Change in Condition: Part 1
Year: 2020
Size: Projected window dimensions (H) 3m x (L) 2.6m approx
Medium: Projection, hand-drawn animation
Exhibition: Centre for Projection Art presents six installations for LIGHT WINDOWS, a world-wide project produced by HoloCenter, New York encouraging artists to display light art in the windows of homes and venues around the world and share a message of unity and hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Presented in partnership with HoloCentre; International Day Of Light; City of Yarra; and Collingwood Yards.