/ Artist Residency, Centre of Projection Art, (Feb-May 2020)

A snapshot

At the beginning of 2020 I was excited to gain a place in the Summer Artist-In-Residence program with the Centre for Projection Art and the opportunity to be mentored by Freya Pitt. The location was Collingwood Yards nearing completion of its 'next' transformation, and with the prospect of being in amongst a fresh hub of creatives and creativity - it was something I was very much looking foward to!

A projection onto the lift shaft in the courtyard at Collingwood Yards
Image: Testing the projection onto the full height of the lift shaft in the courtyard at Collingwood Yards.

/ Site research and process

My focus for the residency in developing a site-responsive projection work, was to explore ideas derived from the physical materiality of the site and non-visible communication within the site. Initially I considered using sound or atmospheric data as my source of non-visible communication, but in the absence of 'interesting' atmospheric data and the omnipresence of sound data (a symphony of construction noise) - sound it was.

/ Sound as signature of space

The following five second audio clip is an experimental mix of excerpts from a selection of recordings I made around the site. I created some of the sounds by interacting with the array of construction materials situated around the courtyard, others were ambient recordings.

The work in development from the residency explores the idea of a change in condition, part of that being the site in its process of physical transformation through construction.

Image: Drawing from textures and sound recordings in the studio

Change in Condition is a new work in development emerging from the data I created, observed and collected during the time I had on-site through the residency. The local emergence of COVID-19 in mid-March threw many ideas into dis-array and dis-location, and simultaneously created opportunities to rethink the delivery and experience of site-specific work.

Video: Testing the projection onto the lift shaft (approximately 13 metres high) in the courtyard at Collingwood Yards.

/ An abundance of data

The animation was created from a range of data sources translated and transformed through the process of drawing to play with the idea of hidden communication behind the form and structure of built space. Textures created from charcoal rubbings - graphic traces - of physical interfaces and building materials, were combined with drawings responding to the sound recordings captured during construction activity. I was interested in the spaces in between defined spaces - thresholds, hidden marks, signs of adaptation and changes through time.

/ Completion

The work will continue to be developed throughout 2020 with a view to a public presentation when conditions permit. More to come...