Drawings //

The Poetics of Space, 2011. Read more... First Thoughts (Un-thought drawings), 2010. Read more... Untitled Mind/Space (Version 3), 2001.  
Miscellaneous Plans, 2001. Read more... Untitled Mind/Space (Version 2), 2000.    

Public Art Commissions //

public light projection artwork artwork for public transport platform artwork for tram stop poster box    
Ecology code, Digital Agora Project, Eltham, 2019. Launching 7 Sept... Platform, Royal Women's Hospital Busways Platform Project, 2011-2012. Read more... Tram Stop 21 Project, Moreland City Council, 2008. Read more...    

Light Work & Installations //

Responsive Light Drawing (Prototype 1), 2007. Read more... Untitled Drawing in Space, (2001-2002). Read more...